Some of my images fit into themes, and others are singular events. Free Thinking focuses on the singularities: photographs at diverse locations united only by a sense of isolation and peace. This exhibit, the second in a series, features some of my favorite 57 mm monochrome photographs.

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Windsor Trail, Sangre de Christo Mountains, New Mexico

Gran Quivira ruins, New Mexico

Sunset Canyon, Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

Retaining wall, Kyoto, Japan

Snowbank over stream, Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado

Tsunami barrier, Kobe, Japan

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Waterfall, Embudito Canyon, New Mexico

Hills near Lafayette, California

Venice, Italy

Alamo Canyon, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

Rio Grande in White Rock Canyon, New Mexico

Yosemite Falls, California

Irrigation pond, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Stairs, Kyoto, Japan